Shandong Tai Peng Group attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, establish a sound scientific research and development security system; provincial technology center to run high-speed effective to achieve a computer network management; develop a number of reasonable structure, high-quality business the technical staff and excellent technology leaders, while continuing investments in technology, science and technology activities to ensure full funding for annual growth, innovation and technological progress significantly. Another company with Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao University, Shandong University of Technology, Dalian Huayang engineering companies, universities and research institutes to establish a long-term relationship and work together to create a comprehensive scientific and technological innovation capacity of enterprises in 2009, the Chinese group textile industry Association as the competitiveness of industrial textiles top ten.

Group has a reasonable structure, high-quality business and technical personnel; outstanding technical leaders, while great emphasis on high-level team of innovative talents cultivation and construction. Group currently has 234 engineers and technicians, technical center has staff 110 people, accounting for 8.5% of the total number of groups engaged in research and experimental development of 80 senior titles, 12, 28 intermediate grade. One expert and one above the provincial level.

Group owns a portfolio of advanced laboratory facilities, testing room and pilot lines. The main test equipment universal material testing machine, geotextile permeability tester, the effective pore size of geotextile fiber fineness analyzer instrument, electronic fabric strength tester, digital measuring instruments breathable fabric, fabric thickness meter, SF-1 differential pressure water copies of the test instrument, constant temperature tank, stereo microscopes, melting point apparatus, projector, electro-optical analysis of more than 80 days of equality, the total value of more than 300 million.

In recent years, Shandong Tai Peng Group as a national new product 2, the state authorized 17 patents, received 17 patents, there have been more than 32 projects included in the provincial scientific research and technological innovation plan, which independent research and development of the "recycled polyester spunbond Nonwoven "project, listed the national" Torch Plan "project. Group in Shandong Province, the provincial New Product Award 8, a Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, participated in five national and industry standards. Group effective patent protection period in the law 17.

Patent No.Patent Type
1Ultra-fine polyester staple fiber compression MiantaiZL 200920023487.XUtility model
2Uniform non-woven production equipment supply unitZL 200920023488.4Utility model
3Used to test the non-woven layer of the test piece does notZL 20092002386.5Utility model
4Non-woven lapping machine with a pre-rollerZL 200920023483.1Utility model
5Non-woven fiber mill use of preheater networkZL 200920023484.6Utility model
6Non-woven metal detectors MillZL 200920023485.0Utility model
7High-elastic shape spinning cotton liningZL 200920023489.9Utility model
8"B"-type high-elastic Health PillowZL 200920023490.1Utility model
9High-elastic MiantaiZL 200920023491.6Utility model
10Composite high-elastic cotton production equipmentZL 200920023492.0Utility model
11Sub-network chain conveyor speedZL 200920023493.5Utility model
12Hot light cotton production equipmentZL 200920023494.XUtility model
13Folding tent frame componentsZL 200920021914.0Utility model
14Plug-aluminum big doorZL 200920280486.3Utility model
15Plug-in large aluminum door profilesZL 200930343746.2Utility model
16Push-pull awningZL 201020252639.6Utility model
17Polyester Spunbond Nonwoven bags of mortar perfusionZL 201020108789.xUtility model